Uganda 2019

It has been a very busy two weekshere in Uganda,.

the first few days were centred around administration as I have not been for close on two years a lot to catch up.

On Sunday 2nd June I had the pleasure of returning to Grace Life Church,Pstr Brutus Kahiigi, situated on the outskirts of Kampala, Psrt Brutus will be involved with Gospellife Ministries Association as we move forward in the ever increasing demands of ministry.

Then Wednesday 5th June I tavelled to Mission Destiny, some four hour drive west of Kampala where I had the priveledge to meet pupils Staff and parents of this new school aimed at giving an education to orphaned and children from very young families that would otherewise have no opportunity of edication.

The orphans are full time boarders.

The chidren put on a very impressive array of songs and scetch items that did them great credit.

One such song 'Deliverer' wtitten and recorded by Loulita Gill.

I had the honour to speak with the Pupils, Staff and Parents and was greatly encouraged by the school commitment to educate and give these young children a start in life that would otherwise be far from them.

The 7th and 8th June in Kampala for a Bible Seminar at Passover Harvest Church, Kamwokya.

Jon Isbell joined me on the 6th to assist me in this programme of teaching and the team from the UK was to Join me on the 7th, due to bad flight connection it ended with an overnight stay in Amsterdam not reaching Ugands untill 0200hrs Saturday Morning and to cap the journey one case was left in Kenya on the transfer. This meant someone staying in all day Sunday to receive the case.

This teaching seminar was very well received with requests to preticipate it in other areas of Uganda.

Sunday the 9th June Jon was ministering with Rick Bueno at Grace Family Church Rev Gerrald Kasajja wher many healing were taking place of which countless persons testified in the evening service.

I minsitered at Passover Harvest Church were we were mightly blessed with a cultural service covering dance and worship from across Uganda.

Monday 10th Mary, Zoe and I took a trip to Mbale to meet up with Alina and the children there.

Alinanowhas nine children in her care, four hildren has been recenly brought to hr by social services and the police as these children have been serverly neglected and abused the yougest just 2 yrs the elder 6 yrs. and allthe care they now need.

It was a very worthwhile visit and I was greatly encouraged to see again the work Alina has so dedicatedly undertaken.

Tuesday 11th return to Kampala this journey is around 450 K with somepretty pothwholy roads

In the mean time Tuesday Jon travelled with rick to Hoima to start the mission on Wednesday 12th.

During this time, one of our team menbers Eva, her family live in Hoima, received a message to say her father was very sick and needed to be admitted to Hospital.

Jon and Rickwent to visit with Eva and found hime to be on the floor with not even a matteress as there were no beds free. The family had been brought together as it was a condition of the heart and he is elderly.

Jon prayed and when they went back the next morning there was a cosiderable improvement. Before they could leave the hospital people were asking for prayer.

Jon and Rick left and went to the mission to start the first day, it was so good and the greeting they received was electric with dancing and sing. In the meantime we arrived at Hoima to meet up together ready for the rest of the week. After supper along with Eva, Jon and Mary we went to see Eva's father in hospital, he still does not have a bed, the family brought a mattress to put on the floor and he was sat up eating the supper his wife had brought for him.

Before we left we had prayed individually for every person on on the ward. The sister we met was so happy.

Yes we have many photos but as this is now pastmidnight and need tobe up around 6.#0 am to start the day will post some another time.

Rev Robert Baker

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