All About the Book

Do you want to know what the Bible says about health? Healing? Financial success? Or answers for a happy marriage? Scripture Keys for Kingdom Living has life-changing answers based on the Word of God.


Scripture Keys is a brilliant, easy-to-use Bible reference book, with over 1000 Scriptures on more than 150 topics. Following clear instructions it teaches you to apply the Word of God to everyday situations from anger and worry to forgiveness and family living – and get results!

Use this Holy Spirit inspired book of Scripture Keys for effective prayer, serious study and counselling.


With amazing real life testimonies of healings, using Scripture Keys will allow you to see the incredible power of God’s Word transform your life as well as others you pray for and counsel.


Because... the Word works!

  • Brilliant easy-to-use Bible reference book- over 1000 Bible verses on 150 topics
  • Apply God’s Word to your life - and see the results!
  • Amazing healing testimonies
  • Holy Spirit inspired study, prayer and counselling too
June Newman Davis

The contents of this book are an outgrowth of my own personal Scripture notebook. Therefore, I have included teachings, exhortations and comments which the Lord has given me during the course of my Spirit-led walk...


As these Scriptures Keys are studied and applied, they will become part of you even as they have become part of me and they will bless your life accordingly.


June Newman Davis / Missionary and Evangelist


June Newman Davis gave Gospellife UK distribution rights in 1998.​

What's In the Book?

Scripture Keys contain a myriad of Scripture to help us in our everyday walk with Jesus.


It takes us through Scripture after Scripture demonstrating the power of God in our Healing, Emotions and Challenges of every day life.


It helps us in the search when we go through the Bible to find God’s word in numerous situations that come across our path.


It points us to the Authority in God’s word that we have over the works of the enemy and helps us to overcome those things that are not of God.​


Carmel City Church, Houston, TX now has stock of Scripture Keys. If you would like to purchase your copy directly please email: - call; +1 (281) 491 0504


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