Rev Dr. Richard Nkunze

Richard is married to Grace and they have been blessed with a son, Caleb, and a daughter, Esther, both of whom are serving the Lord


Richard first accompanied Rev. Robert Baker (Founder) on a mission trip in 1996 and from that time he has become a valued member of the team.


Richard was one of many students that, with the help of Gospellife International, was able to study at Carmel Bible College, Bristol, UK from 2002 to 2004, completing a two year diploma course.


On returning to Uganda, he continued to serve in his local church where he holds a pastoral position alongside his role as Missions Director with Gospellife International.


Richard is now planning for Gospellife International to hold Bible studies in rural villages, working with local pastors to make an impact in their communities.


Richard is a competent worship leader, keyboard and bass player, and he is also a trumpeter!

Elizabeth (Eva) Kyalisiima

Eva is another long standing member of the team.


Like Richard, Eva first accompanied Rev. Robert Baker on a mission in 1997 and has been a faithful servant to the ministry from that time.


Eva has extensive experience in organising missions, making her an invaluable member of the team. Not only does she have a superb ability to organise the missions programme for Gospellife International, but her knowledge and capability to guide the ministry in its aid and development programme in East Africa has been remarkable.


Eva serves in her local church as a worship leader and is an active intercessory prayer leader. She frequently utilises these gifts on the mission field, as well as her marvellous talent to interpret seamlessly.  

Pastor Gerald Kasajja BA(ED)

Gerald is married to Marian. He is another valued member of the team, joining in 2012.


Gerald attended Makerere University, Kampala where he qualified as a teacher and has since held positions in this profession.


Gerald is another person whom Gospellife International assisted in attending Carmel Bible College Bristol, UK. From 2008 to 2011, he completed a 2 year diploma course and then studied for a year at Carmel Leadership Academy.


Upon returning to Uganda, Gerald continued to serve in his local church where he holds a pastoral position.


Gerald’s skills in education is invaluable. He is using his expertise to develop and refine the Bible teaching programme that will be taken into the rural areas of Uganda to equip the pastors to teach their congregations. 

Carol Kiberu

Carol is married to David. David is a basket Ball league champion. Together, they have a son named Daniel.


Carol joined the team in 2011 as a worship leader.


As well as being a talented worship leader, Carol’s care and understanding for the young girls in rural areas who need much feminine advice and support has made her an important part of the team.


Carol serves the praise and worship team in her local church.

Aaron Wakooli

Aaron is married to Esther and they have a son named Philip.


Aaron joined the team in 2011 to assist Richard as a sound technician. Since then, he has developed tremendously in this role and he now oversees all the sound requirements for Gospellife International, both at conferences and crusades. He says that he is learning all the time. His shopping list for equipment gets bigger as we grow, but he has learnt to work well with the equipment on hand and he is extremely good at adapting to different situations.


Aaron also works in his local church. Yes, you’ve guessed it, as a sound engineer!

Alina Branisteanu

Alina is the newest member of our team, joining in 2014. Her background in nursing brings a new and exciting aspect to Gospellife International.


She trained in Romania from 1991 to 1994.


Her experience includes working as a paediatric district nurse, monitoring children from birth to 18 months, checking growth, controlling immunisations, as well as their nutritional development.


She has also worked in an Accident and Emergency department, monitoring vital functions, oxygen therapy or CPR, minor surgery, perfusions, transfusions, labs tests, also monitoring and calming the pain.


More recently, she worked in a nursing home caring for residents with dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and patients who required palliative care.


Adding to her resume, she has completed 2 years at Carmel Bible College and 1 year at Carmel Leadership Academy.


Alina is now working in Uganda using her skills and training to help orphaned and street children in the Mbale district of Eastern Uganda.