CONCEPT: to help those on the front line in rural and isolated areas.


Over the last 20 years, Gospellife International has worked with ministers and pastors who themselves are working at great lengths in remote conditions with no help or ministerial covering.


In 2014, Gospellife International set up the Ministers Association to help, encourage, and train these leaders. In addition, the association acts as a place of advice or counsel – something that many of us benefit from through association of minister fraternities or friendships, but it’s something that leaders in remote areas lack.


In the developing world, there are many ministers and pastors who have heard the Word, been called of God and have started churches and ministries. However, they have no Bible College training, no assistance and no help; they are leading works that would put many of us to shame considering with the abundance of resources we have access to.


Gospellife International Ministerial Association aims to bring resources to such isolated ministries and communities to give them hope for the future by means of training seminars, Bibles and materials to enable their churches to grow and their congregations to learn of God’s great love.


You can be part of this. Yes, you may have a church or ministry, a computer to prepare your sermons, an overhead projector or electronic screen to display your song words so the congregation can join with the praise and worship, pamphlets, books and tracks for evangelism, etc. But just imagine: no electricity, no piano, guitar or drum set, not even a microphone to enhance the sound; no Bibles, no Christian books or teaching material, no children’s church, no drawing books, story books, no biscuits and lemonade, not even tea and coffee after the service.


Yes, we indeed are rich. Think of a building mud walls, dirt floors, no seats, no music, no microphone, just a traditional drum with a torn skin; no paint on the walls, no glass in the windows, no tea or coffee, no clean drinking water, no complete Bible, just a couple of pages borrowed from the pastor in next village.


Worship in these places is electric despite the fact there is no electricity. And the Word is preached with a passion, but the preachers have no theological training or discipleship.


By being part of Gospellife International Ministerial Association, you can help to change lives.


During 2015, Gospellife International will be holding regular teaching seminars to equip leaders with dynamic and life-changing principles from God’s Word. The seminars will be taught by local men and women of God whom Gospellife International has invested in and helped to attend Bible Colleges for a time such as this.


This next 12 months will see many ministers and pastors receive training for the first time. They never thought it was possible; it was always just a dream, and now there is a palpable excitement for the fruition of the dream. It has all been made possible by the support from people like yourself, like ministries you are involved in, just taking time and saying, “I want to invest in God’s kingdom, into a minister or pastor. I may never see the person whilst I am walking this earth, but when I am in my heavenly home, then the glory comes.”


Gospellife International Ministerial Association is completely autonomous and denominationally free; we only ask that you walk in the integrity of God.


In joining with us, you can make a difference in someone else’s life across the sea.

We will never ask for money or your resources; your registration fee and annual subscription will help towards the work undertaken. When you hear the reports, if you want to do more, then it is your free choice – just know that we can make a difference collectively.


Your servant in Christ


Rev Robert Baker

CEO/Founder Gospellife International


News as it unfolds...


  • We have been blessed with the teaching material of the established Bible course ‘Living in the Word’ by Rev Gerri Di Somma, Carmel Ministries International.

  • A group of Churches has donated £600 for the purchase of Bibles.