NEWSLETTER: August 2018

Dear Reader

News on Difas


Good news, following on from his hospital visit and the subsequent skin graft, his leg has healed.


When Difas came to Alina, although the fracture to his leg healed, Difas has been limping extensively.


Alina has worked hard on the physio helping him with his walking; this has now meant that as long as he concentrates on his walk, he can virtually walk without a limp but like all of us, lose concentration, and we go back to the old habit. The Doctor has said he will need an operation on the tendons.


Alina is now praying that the operation will not be needed and that with continued prayer and physio it will bring total healing.


Alina is working with Difas to go back to live with his mother; reconciliation is coming, he has had one weekend with them, and that went well.





Let us introduce Brian.

Brian is eight years of age, despite his injuries and disability he is a very cheerful happy young boy who has had a very tragic journey in life; he was brought to Alina by Social Services about five weeks ago to see if Alina could help.


When Brian was just five months old, he was in a house fire where he was critically burnt.

He suffered severe burns to the head and lost the use of his left hand.

Brian grew up not being able to use his arm and having no hand, the burn to his head never healed, due to the continued infection, the bone of the skull has worn thin.


From five months of age until the age of eight years his head was a continuous open wound.

For the next five weeks, Alina had to clean the wound and fight off infection.


The beginning of August Brian was taken to the hospital to start the process of a tissue and skin graft, it was expected to be many visits due to the size and severity of the wound.


Alina was able to report that as the infection was now gone and the wound was healing so well, the surgeon was able to do both the tissue and skin graft in one operation.

Alina said Brian can now even close his eyes when he sleeps; he had not been able to do this from the time of his injuries all those years past. Brians mother is so excited that her son is now healing.

Poverty is something we cannot explain or demonstrate; it takes away any pride you may have in yourself, all of your Self Esteem, makes you feel completely worthless and undesirable when you cannot supply medical treatment for your children it must tear one apart.


Can you imagine just how Brians mother must have felt knowing there was nothing she could do for her son?

Through this hand of friendship, we are now helping the whole family, and there is a complete change knowing that there is someone that cares for them.





The next avenue for Brian is to see the surgeon to cut the skin (seen in the first picture) and bring the arm back into use, then an artificial hand can be considered, bringing to life what has been dead for so long.


Certificate awarded to Alina for her dedication


Not only working with the children in the home but also with families in the villages require much travelling, either by riding her push bike or walking up to 10 to 15 kilometres per visit this is time-consuming or as a last result taking a taxi which can be expensive, not forgetting the shopping that has to be done for so many. The hospital visits Alina has to make with the children can be up to 8 hours with two changes; when travelling with sick and injured children, this is not easy.

We now want to purchase a suitable vehicle for Alina to make this part of her work less burdensome, driving around this same district as I do when on missions I know the importance not only in travel time but also for personal security for her and the children.

We need to raise around £3000.00 for this project, should you wish to help then please contact me directly, or you can donate through Gospellife Charity Bank account, using reference CM/V. 


This work undertaken amongst the street children in

Mbale Uganda by Alina would not be possible

without your help.

From all the children; For your prayers and encouragement: WE THANK YOU.


Rev Robert Baker