Uganda 2017 - Day 19

Grace Family Church now just 3 weeks old.

During the service Pastor Gerald called out those whom had been healed at the crusade, so many came forward to give testimony I was a little taken back. Many healings of different nature's. The lady who previously testified of her child's healing expanded more today. The child had been sick for 3 months, it had been so bad that she herself had no sleep for this time and was getting very poorly because of it, her other children were also suffering from the child's sickness. She said when Rev said there is a child sick mother come, I knew he was talking to me. After the prayer Thursday, we have all slept each night and we are all benefiting from God's mercy He is the healer.

When you have no money No Doctor you soon realise that God is who He says He is.

This morning spoke on Psalm 23. I love this Psalm of David, it encapsulises all that God is to us He is our shepherd, He clothes us in His righteousness not for our Name sake but His, He continues to lead us, where else can you sit at a table knowing all His goodness is on it and Satan cannot even get a look in. And most of all he is our dwelling place not just for now but for ever.

It has been such a joy to be there right in the beginning of a new work. And what a man to be its founder, Rev Gerald Kasajja.

Rev Robert Baker

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