Uganda 2017 - Day 17

At the crusade ground awaiting the sound team blessed with a rainbow above.

Last night of the crusade

As we were setting up with the rainbow above the clouds started to leak, yes the rain not to heavy, by the time we were ready it was dark.

People still came and into an hour the rain ceased. I get the question why not pray for the rain to stop, it is well into the planting season and rain is important, soon it will be dry and the crops need a good start.

Ministered on creation and the cross of Jesus. Prayed for the sick, again two testimonials from the night before, a mother with twins aged around 3 years one with sicknes and Malaria by the morning child was well, the 2nd a man who could not move his back said he is now fit enough to play football. Thank you Jesus for your healing. A group of about 20 children ages 7 to 12 yrs came forward not for healing but knowledge and wisdom. We have an amazing God.

Right at the very end a young man late teens early 20's came forward for salvation, he has been helping Pstr Gerald to build the structure of the church. Never attended a service but will see him Sunday.

Rev Robert Baker

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