Uganda 2017 - Day 16

2 day of crusade. Around 60 people tonight with a few Muslims trying to listen hidding behind hedges.

To night spoke on Bartimeaus, to receive what God has for you, like Bartimeaus we must throw of the very thing that identify us so we can become a new creation in Christ.

Following the message people were invited to give testimony on last night's prayer for healing. Two ladies came forward one speaking of pains around her back and stomach areas plus severe tenderness of the umbilical cord area, had this for many years and could not sleep on a mattress due to the pain, she also had disturbed nights of fear. Last night she slept all night and had pleasant dreams and the pain from everywhere is gone she can even touch the area of her umbilical cord. The second lady bothered with bad head pains and bad satanic dreams at night. Last night slept like a baby, had dreams of angels and now today, no pain. Both women giving glory to God. Encouraging others to come for healing.

Following the meeting left the people watching the Jesus movie in there own dialect. A powerful tool for village evangelism, they will watch one half tonight and the remainder tomorrow, Saturday. Photography is not easy with mobiles phones at night, I will be in the village early tomorrow do I hope to get some pictures of the village.

Rev Robert Baker

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