Uganda 2017 - Day 15

Crusade at Grace Family Church, Kikiri (an idea of the pronunciation of 'Kichiri' close anyway) Arrived late the traffic was bad do not have words to describe it, 30k about 18 miles 1.5hrs. This is not a town crusade or a village on the roadside this is a village of the beaton track, off the tarmac then onto dust road the only way to find the village is to look for sign of a foot track then proceeded with care driving as you do not know where any holes are under the long grass. The clearing used for the Crusade is small, probably suitable for around 250-200 people, more could be there standing in the pathway or adjacently scrub land.

About 40-50 people came by, being on a pathway there is the person walking to and fro about their business. Some stoped some just walked on.

Very good for first night, about 40 people. The church has only been there for 3 weeks so very encouraged. About a dozen came forward for salvation mostly Children but when asked why a boy around 12 just said 'i want Jesus' that simple.

Many came forward for healing. I like these village crusades because we can take Jesus right into the community where the people come out of their homes to see what is going on. On a distant playing field you are not right there in the community where people live. Looking forward to day 2 of the crusade.

Rev Robert Baker.

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