Uganda 2017 - Day 13

Day 13 is the end of the second week the first day being travel and did not include.

Today's excitement centred around making our first deposit into Standard Chartered Bank. Enter the bank take a number. In total I am attempting to make 3 separate transaction.

1. Deposit into account for first time. Waited my number. done.

2 New number. Collect cheque book and card. (Each transaction has its own booth, deposits, customer services, withdraws, online banking registration, cheque and card collection with each transaction a new number.) Arrived card and chequebook counter to be told these are not prepared until a deposit has been made, up to 6 working days, so any time up to Wednesday next week, I leave for home Tuesday.

3. Online banking registration, cannot register untill first deposit made and card and chequebook issued.

In all 2 hours taken up. standard Chartered is one of the 'organised' banks here in Uganda. No one is sure what is happening with Barclays Uganda, as Barclays Uganda has been off loaded to a South African Banking group.

The rest of the day organising the Crusade starting Wednesday.

Rev Robert Baker.

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