Uganda 2017 - Day 14

Into the final week.

21st celebration of Gospellife International ministering in Uganda. It was a joy to see so many faces from down the 21 years, with tributes from those that were not able to make it. Some I had not seen for a good many years and it brought back wonderful memories. Tributes were also brought on the day how Gospellife International has benefited so many churches and how church growth has always followed the ministry. Even to when walls had to be knocked down overnight to take the extra numbers. Churches going from being made of pyrus grass to brick structure, from one church in a district to 50 churches. Of how people's lives had been changed through the gifts of Aid and how schools progressed from the gifts of teaching materials.

It is not until you hear the accounts do you realise how much God has moved through the ministry. A truly a blessed afternoon, thank to those that were able to join with us. It is not easy to respond to an event at such short notice. A big thank you to Grace Nkunze for an amazing cake.

Rev Robert Baker.

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