Uganda 2017 - Day 11

Meet Angel, we visited he mother today, the mother has been ill for a month and has not been able to attend any meetings. She requested a visit for after church. She was so excited to see us, she said I was sick but when you entered my home the sickness went. What a God we serve.

Meet Angels mother, she was so excited at us visiting she made 3 cakes one for each member of the team

Day 11 morning service

Pastor James on keyboard. He said, I had made a statement in May when speaking in church, the a good pastor should not necessarily get involved but should show an interest in all the departments of the church. He decided to start with the worshipers, he could not play a single note in May, He is doing the same in the other departments and thanked me for the comments, he enjoys worship even more and now has a closer relationship in all that is going on in the church.

Richard took up the Batton as interpreter, Eva interpreted all day Saturday and her voice was not so happy this morning, with worshiping and interpreting it takes a lot out. This morning as in Mbale spoke on the women with the issue of blood, how according to the law in Leviticus the lady was not permitted to touch anything in that it would be unclean and yet in her her desolation she was willing to take the consequences and push through the crowd to touch the hem of Jesus, any person knowing her in that crowd could have brought an aqusation against her, but n her dispare she was prepared to do. How many of us are prepared, no matter the consequences, are we prepared to push into the very presence of God to see our situations change. A lady following the meeting came for healing, pains in her legs, I asked her to bring her knees one by one to waist level, she was elderly so just lifted the foot a little of the ground, when I asked her to push through her circumstances and lift her knee high, she did so, first left then right, All pain immediately went. She had to push through. Have you pushed through your circumstances what ever they are so Jesus can say 'who touched Me'?

Rev Robert Baker.

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