Uganda 2017 - Day 8

Day 8

Most of the day dealing with office items Rather be out there in the field, being there discovered how slow the computer is, feel sorry for the team must get it replaced.

Tomorrow off to Hioma meetings Saturday and Sunday We have a bit of a special one for prayer. 4 years back met a lady by name of Mary. She had fallen couple years before and broke her leg, the bone mended reasonably ok which we discovered after sending her for xray. From the time of her fall to when I first met her she has virtually lived on the floor not even being able to sit in a chair or lay in a bed. After prayer and limited exercise she is able now to lift herself to lay on a very low bed, still spending her time on the floor moving by pushing her self along with her arms. Over the past 5 months we have supported her with physio at her home twice a week. She had never been out in all these years. This is where we value your prayer. Saturday and Sunday I have arranged transport to attend our meetings close to her home. We have bought 2 new dresses, arranged an easy chair and a mattress so she can lay or sit and giving her every encouragement to attend. It's time for her healing! We are three hours in front of you so the meetings start at 7am UK time. Plus prayer of encouragement for her to attend. Mary was the district nurse/midwife in the area so well known by the villages around.

Rev Robert Baker

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