Uganda 2017 - Day 7

Day 7 into the second week.

This morning's visiting office. Checked with bank. Yes it is open!!?? But due to system problem's, lack of internet, it is not open. This is a large international bank with offices in most European countries. No matter how big of there is no infrastructure then you are the mercy of the nation you are in. This evening ministerd in a place called Matuga we were there for the mission last May/June. Visiting were 12 to 15 young men, part of a group Pstr Brutus is mentoring, most do not attend church. Pstr Brutus gives them the opportunity to express themselves through modern Christian music and dance, dance is natural to most African men.

I had the opportunity to minister part of my testimony and that what decisions we make as a young adult has a profound effect on our lives. There comes a time when we have to turn our back on things that keep us captive and put our trust in Christ, we can either do it now and grow in it or face the future with uncertainty and hopelessness. It was very well received.

Rev Robert Baker

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