Uganda 2017 - Day 5

Day 5

Today left Mbale return Kampala, on route out of Mbale called into Hamoto village, last look at land with Alina and Elizabeth. Spent time n prayer rejoicing for what God has ahead of us. The journey back was univentful used different route to avoid intense road works that spread over many miles and the known feared by many permeIt traffic jam. It adds about and hour to the journey if both roads were good, but as they are we did the journey a good 2 hours quicker over all that is the average time spent in the jam not including horrific delays caused by road work. Incidentally there are no cones, no warning signs no night time lights you just find the holes as you approach then work out the best way round or the easiest ditch to circumvent along until you can get back on the dust road until the next. AND, no one dips their head lights and a good 25 percent have no lighting especially the big trucks and the dreaded Boda Boda (motor cycle taxis) defiinately no lights. Greatest respect to Richard's concentration driving.

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