Uganda 2017 - Day 4

Day 4 Nangalwe

Today Sunday visited a church in the village of Nangalwe, in the district of Mnafwa , Mbale. I first had the privilege of ministering in this church about 19yrs ago. It was of a mud construction seating about 60 persons. Now it has been rebuilt of brick and can seat up to about 150 persons. I shall be uploading videos the churches various chiors/ singing groups. (providing the Wi-Fi signal can take it).

There is no amplification no electricity just the pure uncontaminated purity of voice.

I had the pivelidge to speak and did so on the women with the issue of blood, that no matter you circumstances no matter of restriction in your life, that regardless how you see your circumstances, if you are prepared to reach out and touch the nature of Jesus, He will completely restore and heal you because that is, the very nature of God.

Tomorrow day 5 we will be saying good bye to Alina, Elizabeth and the boys and return to Kampala, not before taking a short detour to 're visit and pray over the land.

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