Uganda 2017 - Day 2/3

Friday the second day

I was able to speak with the Bank in Uganda re the account we have been attempting to open. Have been assured the account is now open, and when returning from Mbale next week it will be open??? Sounds like an oxymoron to me, it is open but will be open. Ah well this is Africa. Friday was also the day preparing and traveling to Mbale Eastern Uganda. Although only around 140 miles, 4-5 hours must be allocated for the journey. We left Kampala around 3.30pm spent well over 2.5 hours to complete about 15 miles. Just one big jam and due to roadworks and poor road conditions on route did not arrive in Mbale until Midnight.

Saturday 3rd Day

Visited the 2 acres of land that has been kindly donated to us for a Children's Rehabilitation Centre. It was good to physically see what Alina has bee sharing with us. We took along the Lawyer that is dealing with it for us, plus 2 of the children.

We found it is on a good water table so no expensive Bore holes but we do have to manage the water for the benefit of the Centre.

Now we can seriously set about raising the funds to get the project underway.

It was also good to share time with the children and Elizabeth who has spent the last 3 months as a volunteer working along side Alina gaining some valuable experience of the work there.

Rev Robert Baker

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