Uganda November/December 2017 Day 1

If I can point you way back to February / March 2017, I was talking of my hotel experiences and comparing it with 'Faulty Towers'! And how each day regressed and the only thing left to do was evacuate!

Well, (If I can use such a word) I heard a whisper there had been a change. Me, in my somewhat (adventurous spirit) decided to go and see. I even booked in for the first night. Well! (That word again) to my utter amazement under the new management a complete face lift. Needles to say whilst here in Kampala I am settled. Well (If I can use that word again) the Fan, not there but, it was promised last night that it would be there today, it is now 19.30, still waiting. There has to be something to keep the in test going.

Sorry, my day, yes, very fruitful booked a meeting place for 21 yr celebration, received so much favour thought the manager was going to pay me to come there. This will be on 29th November 13.00 to 17.30.

Tomorrow Friday 17th Nov travelling to Mbale to spend couple days with Alina and meeting the guys there.

Rev Robert Baker.

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