Uganda Day 3

Day 3 final day at Ruyanja Christian Fellowship Church Hoima

Today we started with testimonies from Ian and Colston. Both very powerful. Pst Bob then asked if there was any people who were suffering from addiction at which no one came forward so a few members of the tram came up and encouraged the congregation but no one came forward so we moved on.

Pst Bob then spoke about one flesh and how to treat your wife. Auntie Mary then came and spoke about how a wife should treat her husband.

Paul then followed on from Pst Bob and he spoke about forgiveness in marriage. Pst Bob then prayed for the married couples in the church and then he prayed for those who were getting married.

Rick then finished off the day with keeping focused on God and to fulfil His plans and not our own plans.

There was such a strong presence of God today. Many testimonies were shared about what God has done this weekend in people's lives. It was encouraging to see that God has touched the lives of the people in the church. Amazing day.


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