Uganda Updates

Although we have been in Uganda for a few days, most of what has been done is centred around the office. This evening around 7.30 pm the team arrives at Entebbe. For myself and Aunty Mary we are on route to Hoima to start the first of the two conferences planned on this mission.

The team meet with us partway through the first day.

It is 18.30 we have been travelling 2hrs hot and dusty another 2 to go.

We stop to stretch our legs and dry out a little, Richard has been disturbed whilst driving by the clicking of stones in the tyres. He inspects and as he is removing the stones find a nail just entering the tyre. Removes and an old lady passed by (we are out in bush country) God prompted me to make a gift to her, Richard spoke with her led her to Christ she walks on a few metres very excited and dispersed in the bush.

All this because we wanted to stretch our legs. Looking forward to starting the conference in.the morning.

Rev Robert Baker

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