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Latest from Alina, we never know what we do with a little act of kindness and God's love.

This afternoon I heard something that impressed me very much . I have a boy called Emma whom I resettled back at his home from the street in 2015 . I continued to support him in a regular basis with school fees and very little money for food like equivalent of 5 pounds once in a while . When I had more I could give a little more. Today he came to my house to tell me that all the money that I gave him he kept it and when he are 300000 Ugandan shillings he bought a cowand now he has milk. Imagine how smart is this kid , he's only 16 and he been on the streets for at least 3years before I met him . I'm proud of him that he overcame together with God that life and he things for the future already .

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