Uganda: Day 20

Today is the start of the run down, made the bank again but unfortunately so close but not close enough, we have it all ready to go but there is always that one piece of paper or one signature extra required. As the clerk said it's fine we can run with this, But. So now we have to get the but to finish.

Then time spent in the office tying up loose ends and tommorrow preparing to leave.

We had a bit of sad news this afternoon, a lady whom I have come to call my adopted mother graduated to glory today, she encouraged me when I was at my lowest, she kept me focused on God's call on my life and she was my number one prayer fan when I was away in ministry. Mary and I will miss her very much, she was always ready to hear the stories following a mission. This time I will not be able to tell. Audrey we shall miss you very much but I know that you have now moved from our present into our future.

We love you.

Mary and Bob x

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