Uganda: Day 18 pt2

No we have not missed day 17 this was spent traveling.

To day Saturday had meeting the the proposed board of the orphanage at Nakoloke Mbale. A very informative meeting helping to shape the future of the lives of young people. Will be there for church in the morning, gather some pictures then.

Following went to another village (video below)where Alina is working with a very poor family where the husband died and making sure the children can get to school. The boy in yellow is part of this family and Alina has him on licence for a year to help with some health issues. His name is Arnold you would never recognise him from any picture Alina first took of him as he is responding to treatment so well.

Tommorrow Church at Nakoloke. Following will meet with another sponsor of the orphanage who is from the USA and living in Mbale. Then hopefully on the road back to Mbale. Will try to get pics of Ugandan road works on the journey there are many.

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