Uganda: Day 16

A bit of an anticlimax after establishing the office and the build up to the conference.

Today was to be Bank day the opening of the account, unfortunately no matter how much paperwork is asked for no matter about following the banks format, when dealing in some African countries, what ever you have is not quite right, even listening and following what you believe is being said was really to the contrary. A friend a Ugandan having banking experience who accompanied me was also exasperated at the 'jobs worth's attitude of staff. Even to be informed by a clerk that the forms were out of date and should not be used. It was a manger who gave us the forms just some 6 days ago. I think the final straw was when it was said a solicitors mark did not count you had to purchase a signature from a government officer. Now that's corruption.

This is a multinational bank with offices all around the world. No more to be said than Standard Charter.

One great achievement we now have WiFi in the office where I was informed it would be very costly and difficult. Bought a G link and portable WiFi, connection less than £50.00 can top up and control expenditure by a flick of a switch. (Sort of)

Tommorrow Friday driving to Mbale to meet up with Alina. Due to drive and timing it is doubtful that a blog we be there for Day 17.

Value your prayers to sort the banking and for our journey.

Catch up with you all Saturday Day 18.

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