Uganda: Day 15

Last day of conference

Morning session spoke on being a spiritual father and the hurt caused by wayward children who do their own thing without considering the consequences using Luke 15:11-24 the Prodigal son and seeing it through the eyes of the father, the pain caused by the son in rejecting the father and leaving home to do his own thing.

The afternoon session by Pstr Gerald Kasajja, trusting God for your supply. A powerful Biblical message on financial supply, seeing your blessings come from giving. Man gives into your hand, God gives the ability to get wealth. With the challenge on how big is your vision what are you trusting God for. A powerful message.

The last hour discussing the ministerial association with positive input from Kampala and Mbale. First time in ministry pastors having made contact with others from outside their district. The association has enabled new friends in places never deemed possible.

Last photos of team involved in the conference.

Thank you to everyone, and those that had to go before picture taken.

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