Uganda: Day 13

The first day of conference, this was day of making history. The first time anyone can remember that a large group of ministers and Pastors traveling so far to be in communion with each other. Some of the group left their homes at Midnight to arrive by 10am in the morning. Then staying at the meeting all day not going to their hotel until the meeting was finished for the day.

We had an awesome presence of God in the morning Worship no word just 3 plus hrs of Worship. After lunch, I spoke on integrity in ministry speaking on Psalm 26:1-3 and Daniel 1. With special reference to v8 Daniel purposed in his Heart.

Yesterday I had the words Jjaja Uganda spoken over me and today the pastor's and ministers confirmed. Jjaja referral to Grandfather adding Uganda refers to Grandad to Uganda, a very honoured statement to have said over you.

Today was probably one of those special days that go down in memory as being a God ordained day planting for the future.

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