Uganda: Day 11

Saturday. Spent time tying up loose ends for conference next week. Had a few posters made for inside building.

Quite a general run of the mill day.

To say thank you to all of you who have been partnering in prayer, we have see doors open and jobs getting done so quick it leaves you thinking what have I forgot. It's just the power of prayer. One last stronghold to overcome is that of the bank accepting our application for an account. It is sometimes extremely difficult matching and getting original Doc's from the UK.

Please pray that we have satisfied the application and all will be accepted.

Sunday I know I am ministering but know not where other than it is with Pstr Isaac somewhere on the outskirts of Kampala, yes I have met and spent time with Pstr Isaac but have never been to his Church.

Rev Robert Baker

The shopping complex where our office is situated. Awaiting sign to go over shop entrance.

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