Uganda: Day 9

Today was the day at the office. This is the first time in 21years of ministry in Uganda, that I have had a desk to work off. It has normally been in a hotel lobby trying to work with all the hustle and bustle of the reception area. Today was truly BLISS.

No internet connection, quite expensive to install but it will come.

The planning for the conference 6-8 March is more or less completed. The team had one bit of sad news. one of our worship leaders mother passed away this morning and he has a good day's journey to reach home to be with his family.

It has also been a form filling day for the bank account, you think you have everything then there is always that extra document needed.

This evening we had a prayer meeting for the conference, God's presence was so tangible it was as though you could reach out and touch Him.

The pictures below are of the meeting We'd Eve at Passover Harvest Church, with Bishop Herman Sentamu. I first went to this church when it was a small tin construction on the edge of a swamp and the Mosquitos were very hungry. That is about 16 years or so ago, God has blessed the ministry mightily.

The theme was watch and pray.

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