Uganda: Day 7

First week completed.

First stop see how office space proceeding, yes we are in a form of Boutique?? The shop is owned by Elizabeth our missions co-ordinator/ PA. It is not unusual to have 2 or 3 different services in one shop and as she was advertising space, took it, so she is able to manage the ministry as well as attend to her business.

Visited bank to set up account, very profitable have been offered free banking for life of account. Much paperwork to complete and more documents to get from UK.

This evening meeting with team discussing coming conference, now down to fasting and praying. I was mightily blessed after the meeting which we held in a coffee house come restaurant, went to pay the bill it had already been met and I do not have a clue who by, just say thank you Jesus. Although short to day still a lot established.

Tomorrow Wednesday 1st March at 12 noon Uganda time 9 am UK will be the dedication of the office space for Gospellife International Uganda. Please pray with us as we dedicate this next step of the ministry not just here in Uganda but throughout East Africa.

Picture of desk being introduced to its space. Behind will be book shelves. If you have any Bibles or Christian books happy to have them to sell on, helping to pay the rent.

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