Uganda: Day 6

As we go through this year, God has been saying 'Establish' and He is very prominent in the way of leading.

I have been trying to achieve things from the UK. When God said very clearly' it is your responsibility do not put it on others'. We have a tendency to let others do and not be responsible for what He is saying.

Today I set out with 5 items to achieve, even when you think there may be opposition God pens the doors.

1. Find a meeting place to discuss conference with team, only 6 persons, not easy here. Go to a restaurant/coffee shop you can be charged for a meeting. Consideration has to be taken for travel.

Forget jams in the UK, you have not seen anything until you try an African town. 1.5 hrs to cover 1.5 miles place must be in easy access to all.

First place I walked into welcomed with open arms for meeting, no charge.

2. Arrange interview to open bank account, ticked and could not help enough, interview Tuesday 28th am.

3. Find desk and chair for office done and delivered within 30 mins of purchase. In fact we were followed back to place with persons carrying on the head.

4. Find good electrician to install supply to office area. one phone call, there within 30 mins. Done the deal. Bought the materials, wanted to start then but not time. Shop has to be opened by at 8 am to start.

5. Starting motor on Pajero fixed.

The office is within a shop in a shopping parade. Easy access at all times, shop staff are part of the ministry so will be manned at all times. We are installing computer (carried in my suit case) Printer and small area for book sales. (We will now be collecting Christian reading to sale, this will help with our monthly rent)

A very satisfactory day. ESTABLISHING the future of the ministry.

We thank everyone for you support and prayers throughout this project. Please pray for favour with the Bank Tuesday am 28th.

Rev Robert Baker.

How our office space looks at present!

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