Uganda: Day 5

Today visited Pastor Brutus of Grace Church, Matuga about 8k outside Kampala.

I left Kampala having suffered a power cut the evening before, so most of the electronics including battery back up very low. Pictures very limited.

This is a young church just over 2 yrs I had the privilege to be present at its inauguration.

The Church is in a very poor area of the district and the pastor tries to ensure his congregation has a meal after the service, he then knows the families has had at least one meal in the week. It is hard for him but he is pushing through and making a difference in those peoples lives.

It is quite a journey from his home to get to the church using the taxi bus service and carrying the supplies to cook the meal.

These buses are licensed to carry 14 persons but you can have as many as 14-16 plus driver, conductor, chickens, luggage of a variety of items imaginable. (Will get a pic later).

One person visiting the church said she and her family were believers but not borne again, today she became the first born again in the family, the others will now follow.

Many came forward in response to the word, to commit no longer to allow circumstances to weigh them down and defeat them. Preached on the Donkey that fell in an old dried out Well.

On arriving back at the hotel. Electric still off, no charging. Batteries on reserve power.

Pictures of Pstr Brutus, Children's church, meal Beans and porsho ( yes this was my lunch today) Tasty. Couple pics of the Journey. Happy to say our Pajero has been fixed so ready for Mbale in 11 days.

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