Uganda: Day 4

I do not think a lot more can be said about hotel Fawlty Towers than what has been expressed already. It continues as described. I have been asked what Fawlty Towers is? all I can say is go on Youtube or Facebook type in Fawlty Towers (spelling is correct) and enjoy the series.

The day has been reasonably restful. Alina left for Mable sometime after 10am much Richer, thank you to everyone that donated and those that have committed on a long term basis, it gives Alina some stability knowing that funding is there. Please pray for her as she submits her application for a work permit under the banner of Gospellife International.

As Alina left we had a power cut came back on at 21.45. no charging, no lighting, dark at 19.00hrs. Today established the worship leaders for the conference. Found we need new starting motor for the Pajero, out of action for travelling for ministry tomorrow (Sunday Morning), just 22.00hrs and have arranged Taxi to to pick up the team (yes and me). Prepared the message (unless God changes).

This coming week will be busy meeting with ex students from Carmel Bible College, arranging accommodation and transport for 36 plus visiting pastors from out of town, plus meals, and drinking water, for potentially 150 known persons​. God is so good He has it in His hands we have to just follow.

That is what makes missions so exciting. Catch you all tomorrow.

Thank you for your prayers.

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