Uganda: Day 3

What can be said, the management of Fawlty Towers Kampala do not want me to leave. It's the £££ sign that attracts. Promise of a wardrobe and the wall fan being replaced. So we have it. Photos at the end.

Alina arrived from Mbale to pick up some goods I had taken over plus finances that has been donated, stopping over night, (yes here at faulty towers) then off back to Mbale by coach in the morning. (Will be good when we can get a vehicle for her) the day spent in planning for next week and the Pastoral conference 6-8 the May, more ministers and Pastors booking in.

Oh yes hanging on at Faulty Towers, been a price drop.

The real reason there is a great restaurant across the way that serves great food and great coffee.

My new Wardrobe and mounted wall Fan

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