Uganda: Day 1

Arrived at the Hotel in Uganda after being up for 21 hrs. Life has its surprises and frustrations. This is now Tuesday 00.30 entering the room find no wardrobe or cupboards, no table and single sheets trying to cover a king size bed. hi had some sleep with thunder that sounded like being in the room. I woke up to find the lady who prepares breakfast away burying her father. No cook. Promises of new wardrobe, Hotel under a refit!!!!!?????? Not a wardrobe in sight.

Day in town, bank, sorting Ugandan sim card that stopped for no reason (long queue in hot sweaty room) back at hotel Wardrobe coming tomorrow 🤔 (trying to assertion which tomorrow? So bed and see the excitement for Thursday. Yes had some good time with team discussing events to come. What is the price of a wardrobe when salvations are imminent.

Someone get rid of the mosquitos.

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