The Wedding of Eva Kyalisiima

I am here at Schiphol airport waiting to board for Entebbe. It is like dream.

I knew our coordinator Eva was getting married this Saturday and she very much wanted Mary And I to be at the wedding, we have walked together for now some 20 yrs in missions and she like a daughter to us. I knew that at this time the flight cost being so high, I had to stand aside, there was no way we would take money out of the mission fund to pay our fares. We have been in contact with Eva sharing some of the wedding preparations with her.

Then, Sunday morning just 6 days before the wedding, I was asked if I would like to have gone, naturally I said I would have liked to. What took place over the next 2 days was like a whirlwind. Here I am on route, sadly Mary is not with me, but we are going. I would like to thank Tapiwa and all the past mission students that made this possible. Most of all, my thanks to God for stirring the heart of those that gave. For me this is a precious time to know that in all those mission trips the students remember Eva and the team to want to be part of her Wedding.

When I phoned to say I was on route you could feel her excitement.

Thank you.

Pastor Bob

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