Farewell...for now...!

Today we said our farewells and made the journey back to Kampala in readiness of the flight home Monday. It has been a most memorable time for the team with many emotions and joy at what we were able to achieve.

The pictures are just a collection of our time here culminating in the first room completely finished with painted floor. In a couple days the cement work will be dry and the first group of children will take up their new room, the builder said all will be completed within the week.

Unfortunately, I will not be here to see but I know Alina will keep us posted with the progress. We cannot thank you all enough for your prayers and support, this first stage could not have been completed without your help. Phase Two must now be planed and we shall inform you all of what is needed to be done.

Please do not forget sponsoring a child is vital to their individual well being and education, we can now supply details of a child being sponsored and it is possible to communicate if you so wish.

Again thank you from all at Gospellife International. Rev Robert Baker.

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