Lunch Hour Fellowship, Mbale

PART 1 - Wednesday 1st June 2016

Joshua 1:1-3. MY servant is dead. ‘GO'.

What is past is past, it is dead. Our provision is in what lies ahead. The Israelites had manna in the desert, now their provision is in there going and taking, not in sitting, mourning and waiting. The manna is no more, the water out of the rock is no more. Take the land where you foot treads moving forward in the knowledge of God, what he has ahead of you, if you do not step out - put your foot forward on the ground, there will be no provision. Jesus sent out 12 with no bag, no purse no extra clothes no provision, their provision was where they were going, not in taking.

Today Thursday we shall continue on ‘how did Joshua get to his position of leading the Israelites' Luke16:10-13.

PART 2 - Thursday 2nd June 2016

Joshua's qualification to lead. 1. Luke 16:10-13 - Joshua was faithful to and served Moses 40 yrs. 2. Exodus 33:7-11 - Joshua sought God's presence whilst others stood and looked on. 3. Numbers 27:15-23 - God appointed, Moses ordained (laid hands on). Joshua did not try to do his own thing.

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