Reflecting on the Past 4 Days...

​As I sit here waiting to go to Entebbe and pick up the team flying in from the UK, I am able to reflect on the past 4 days and see what God has done and is doing.

Sunday was a great day of ministry on the subject of Luke 16:10-13 being faithful in another mans, with reference to Joshua in Exodus 33:9-11, Numbers 27:18, Joshua 1:1-3.Monday was the first meeting with ministers, pastors and church leaders talking of a ministerial Association. This was first mentioned in Mbale some 2 years ago. This was received with great enthusiasm and a second meeting was called with a different group on Tuesday. Around 40 persons attended each meeting and persons there from out side Kampala are eager to take it to there regions. This is very encouraging and we now wait to see what God implements.

In preparation to taking the team to Mbale the Pajero had to be serviced and new tyres fitted, the ground we travel on in the villages are not to kind to the wear and tear of a vehicle. Thankfully it is robust to stand up to the treatment it gets.I am now eagerly awaiting to see what work we will be able to undertake at the children’s home finances always guide this. It is not to late to help us, what is paid into the bank in the UK we have immediate access to here in Uganda.

You can donate on our web site You can determine the children’s future. School fees are due in 10 days and we have to find around £15.00 per child for 32 children to enable them to continue another term.

Next blog will be From Mbale.

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