A Letter from Anna

​​To Gospellife International Pastor Bob

I Nuembe Anna thank God for he has taught me from Primary one up to senior four. I have always wanted to be nurse right from Primary one, but after senior four Aunt Rebecca did not have enough income to pay for me to the next level. So I had to just sit at home for the whole of last year while praying to God that he may open aways for me to fulfil my dream of being a nurse.

At this time I thank God because I heard an advert on radio from Mbale School of Nursing about the interview which were to be done and believing in God that I would do the interviews and pass them, the school asked me for an interview fee of fifty thousand shillings (£10.75) and it was not available at that time but then God provided it for me so I went for the interview and when I went back to school to check on the results from the interview, I found my name part of the people who passed the interview and once again God had done it for me.

The school did not give us the admission unless we pay five hundred thousand shillings (£107.53) as a commitment fee which is part of the school fees. So I spoke with Aunt Alina about it and we joined together in prayer and God provided for me the five hundred and fifty thousand shillings which I paid at school and now I have the admission. I was so happy when I heard Aunt Alina telling me to write to Gospellife International about myself and am still praying that God may open all the windows and doors of heaven for me to be in that school. And I go for that course I will come back and help the rest of the children because my heart is to treat children.

The course is quite expensive and the school requirement are at a higher prices and they cost 1560000 Sh (£335.50) and the school fees are per semester is 1740000 (£374.20) I already paid admission fee of 500000sh (£107.53) so the grand total for all of them is 3300000sh (£723.00) to which is equivalent to USD 1000. The course takes two years and a half so it is has five semesters, one semester takes 6 months and we are hoping that the next semester the money for the requirements will reduce. Here in Uganda Nurses must stay in school full time so I won’t be able earn any money until I finish this course. We are required to report at school on 27/5/2016.

May God bless you abundantly and please am hoping to see you again in Uganda at our place Nakaloke since we miss you so much and behalf of the children in Nakaloke please send our regards to all your team. Thank you.

Yours Faithfully Nuembe Anna

Anna has her heart set on being a nurse it takes just £700 per Semester that will set her on a career for life. If you would like to sponsor Anna with all or any amount please contact us.

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