Pastor's Conference in the Village

This morning collected a delivered the iron sheets for the cooking area at the children's home. The pictures are of the hardware store, like a little treasure trove of our yesterday stores in the UK.

In the afternoon first day of the pastor's conference in the village, we were blessed by 32 pastors from outlying villages attending.

We had a great time of worship and prophecy and words of encouragement, as one pastor said "we normally have a couple songs, a discussion and go home." This went on over an hour. A word was then brought from Matthew 10, God calls, God appoints, God anoints, God commissions. Thank you Pastor Gerri! Yes, taken from Periscope.

We had a short break then 'teaching our congregations to prosper'. Using a head of maize counting to find over 600 seeds on it, tithing ten precent, giving offerings sowing the remainder. We had the expertise of 6 school teachers to do the maths, only to say after only the third harvest there was not enough land in the village to plant.

Within 4 harvests from putting aside just one head of corn, following biblical principles one person could be the most successful farmer ever recorded in or around the district, he would need to take up his neighbours and his neighbours, neighbour land to plant all the seed. Setting the biggest harvest ever recorded. That is God seed time and harvest.

Each of the pastors on seeing the physical demonstration counting the seed went away with a teaching for their congregation they had never had before. God revealing His word to the body of Christ. We look forward to what God has in store for us tomorrow, Saturday.

#missionuganda #2016

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