Making a Difference

What a day to day! This morning went shopping for mattresses and blankets and delivered them straight to the children's home. Had a look at the hut the children have made for their outside cooking area. Came back into town to sit in a lunchtime fellowship before I knew I was being asked to preach, God immediately gave me Psalm 23.

Following this an offering was taken for the church. To my surprise it was given to me, I have never had this happen before in Uganda. The amount was just over half of what is needed to buy the corrugated iron sheets for the cooking area. This afternoon we put the balance and bought the sheets ready to collect and deliver in the morning before going to the pastors conference at Sibanga. God is so good.

Step by step we are making a difference in these children's lives and demonstrating God's love to them.

#mission #2016 #uganda

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