Shock Moment

This is one of the hardest visits we have made for a long time. I remember all to vividly my first mission into Romania as the Berlin wall came down and the horrific sights we encountered as we entered orphanage after orphanage. Here today I experienced that same shock to see children living in difficult circumstances. The difference here someone was caring enough to try to make this a home. Whilst in cramped and unfinished rooms there is hope. All the children had a smile the all give such an explosive greeting and they all love God.

Yes there is work to be done, no water, no electricity. No windows or doors, dirt floors, un-plastered walls, no cooking facilities (just needs 10 TIN sheets to make a cover for an outside cooking area). The children now have a future, each one is now in school, whereas before they would be just statistics dying on the streets.

Rebecca the founder of this home, just 37 yrs has put in everything she has and dedicated her life into this project. We as Gospellife International are partnering to help her make this a home, not only for those now there but as a place to take many more children that are in desperate need.

On returning home I shall be preparing a more detailed report on the home. And how each individual child can be sponsored.

Home to 11 girls and 21 boys.

Morning worship.

Cooking Casava for lunch.

The store room.

Food preparation.

Boys bedroom. 21 sleep here. There is only 1 bunk bed and 3 mattresses on the floor.

11 girls, plus house manager sleep here. 3 mattresses on the floor.

#missionuganda #2016

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