Grace Life Church

The second service today was at Grace Life Church. Pastor Brutus stepped out and started this church in 2015. I had the privilege to be at the opening service.

Although in Kampala it is on the outskirts in a village where the people are very poor. Even though not far from the main road due to its hazardous access, (thank you Lord for the four wheel drive.) It is not visited by many.

Pastor Brutus feeds the people twice a week on beans, potatoes and rice, Beans being the protein. The rest of the week being so poor they eat Porsho if they can afford it, once a day mixed like a runny porridge which only fills the belly. There is no proper roof so rain can spoil many things.

Pastor Brutus reminds me of George Muller who prayed each day to feed the children. Pastor Brutus prays each day on his journey to the church for the food to feed his congregation and on Sundays that the rain will not stop the service. To date the food has been miraculously supplied and the rain has not stopped a service. I could write a lot about this community. The lack of school for the children, no work, extreme poor housing, no sanitation, the list goes on. The vision is to change through teaching God's word. Pastor Brutus has no financial support, he said, "I just trust God, He placed me here it is His responsibility and to date He has not let me down."

#missionuganda #2016

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