God Loves Detail

Following on from the Blog by Richard regarding Sunday morning service, I would like to convey how exact God is in His word.

The message I would never choose to preach in another persons church unless invited to do so.

On the Friday travelling to Kabujogero I had a prompting in my spirit to buy a bag of Millet. I assumed it was for the displaced children that the Church undertake to care for. When I bought the millet, I also had to buy a tea spoon large serving spoon and a Spade plus 200 A5 size paper bags, we did this Saturday afternoon.

In the evening preparing to sleep God took me to study right through until 01.30am Sunday morning God had given me a completely new message to what I thought I was to do. The message was as Richard posted.

Monday Morning preparing to return to Kampala, Pastor Robert came to me to tell me how the message had been received, he was so excited. He went on to explain that last week the villagers had prepared the ground to plant Millet this week, as there is an expectancy of rain in this coming week. Some people did not have the seed.

Every person in the church young and old had received a portion of Millet seed. Their choice to to eat the seed or plant it. He went on to say it is like everyone is planting the seed with an expectant heart. The Pastor Robert said, for the very first time his congregation had learnt of the spiritual truth in God's word re sowing and reaping.

God's word is always perfect and true.

#missionuganda #2016

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