Uganda Mission 2015 - Sunday 31st May

Kirsty kicked off the preaching with her message "healing is for now". She pointed to the redemptive power of Jesus as described in Isaiah 53, and testified how God had healed her from meningitis.

Marijn followed with his topic "Living free from the spirit of fear." He shared how God had liberated Gideon from fear, and how we can be from fear by having faith in God and abiding in His love.

Some of the team ministered to the 100s of children at the church. Ethan led us in some songs. Jon dressed Cameron in the armour of God explaining the importance of each element to the kids. Kirsty encouraged the children to lay hands and pray for their friends who were ill. Children were healed of tummy upsets and headaches. We encouraged the church members with us to start children's and youth ministry to talk to the kids about God in a way they can relate too. Many of the children received salvation.

Pastor Bob finished the conference with an excellent teaching on Psalm 23. Giving lively examples he explained every verse with great detail, we have safety in the word if we follow God while He makes us righteous and blesses us in all parts of our lives.

In the evening Pst. Bob brought his own testimony, a treat for all seeing as he doesn't often give it. From it we learnt the power of God's healing power; seeing as medical professionals told him he would be crippled by the time he was fifty! (He's now 74!) We also saw how God moved in his life as he began to see the importance of training a child in the way that they should go. From his testimony there were quite a few salvations. Pst. Bob really finished off final the crusade well; despite the fact that it was almost ruined due to rain.

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