Uganda Mission 2015 - Friday 29th May

Today we had the privilege of being invited to minister in a Muslim primary school. The headmaster was very open for us to share the gospel and even let us give an altar call. Although we didn't ask the children to raise their hands many of them sincerely said the prayer of salvation. Praise God! We also visited Mahyoro nursery where we shared a short gospel message. Most of the children chose to give their lives to Jesus! At both schools we were able to supply text books, pens and pencils using the money provided by many of you back home! Thank you!

Meanwhile at the conference Gaynor was preaching on forgiveness using examples from her experience helping in woman prisons. She preached up a storm and so Steve preached in the rain. He spoke on God's provision for your life using the story of Elisha and the oil from the widow. Eva, a member of the Ugandan team, shared a very touching testimony about how she was mistreated during her youth and how God restored her. PS. Bob finished on this by describing the change he has seen in her life. He continued with a preach on the ten commandments.

At the crusade Pastor Bob preached on healing using the story of the women with the issue of blood. Many accepted Christ as their saviour. On the basis of the teaching a call for healing was given. Many were healed and some testified of their healing: A women with an issue of blood; a former Muslim who was healed of backaches and headaches; a women who left hospital to come to the crusade was healed of a chest infection and a women with stomach pain was healed! Glory to God!

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