Uganda Mission - Thursday 28 May 2015

Before church we visited the fish market or as the locals call it 'Galilee'. The fishing boats and nets were quite a sight!

Half the team visited Mahyoro secondary school. Colston shared his testimony and the entire school went silent! MJ preached up a storm sharing a story from his walk with God. Almost the entire school received Christ including one of two Muslim girls! Hallelujah! We even had the opportunity to split the boys and girls to share the importance of purity.

Ethan drove home a powerful message on purpose! No one is a mistake, we are his workmanship; we were all created for a purpose! Next up was Tim! (Who had to have the roof physically lifted for him because he was too tall!) He taught us that God wants us to share his love. Our lives should echo God's love and in unity God commands a blessing! Up last was Pastor Bob. Just before he got the opportunity to speak the entire congregation burst forth in a Ugandan style praise break! He taught on Luke 15; the prodigal son. He taught on both the prodigal and the son that stayed behind, driving home the Father's love for us!

During the crusade Kirsty gave a moving testimony. MJ explained God's acceptance of us no matter what we've done or who we are. The net was widened - many were saved including Muslims and Seventh day eventists.

If you would like to support the work that Gospellife is doing in Uganda please Donate.

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