Uganda Mission - Wednesday 27 May 2015

Today we travelled further afield to the village of Mahyoro. Our journey took us over mountains and on the way down we were treated with a spectacular view. Mahyoro is a fishing town - we're hoping to catch lots of fish but of a different kind!

During the morning session Cameron shared on forgiveness and the Father's love using examples from his life. Gaynor encouraged the congregation to be intimate with God and out of that intimacy He would use them to reach others. Alina reinforced the need for intimacy with Jesus using the different aspects of His character.

At the crusade Ethan shared how he had been a Sunday Christian and encouraged the crowd to have a real relationship with Jesus. Pastor Bob prefixed the altar call with the story of blind Bart and linked it to his personal testimony.

Many responded to the call to salvation! Including a heartfelt response from the local drunks.



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