Uganda Mission 2015 - Saturday 23rd May

After all the traveling the team was relieved to be able to spend the day recouperating before the hard work starts.

During devotions Steve shared how Paul met Lydia in Macedonia and she was the catalyst to change the entire region. Steve shared how he'd seen this happen before and believed that it could happen again during this trip. Gaynor prophesied about how God was going to use this trip to change generations.

We were blessed when one of the local pastors came to greet us. He shared what he is doing in his community through the church and with a child sponsorship program.

There was even time to squeeze in a trip to the local markets in Ibanda to stock up on fruit, shirts and souveniers. We were also able to purchase the school resources which we will be distributing throughout the week. Thank you to everyone that gave so generously to this project!

If you would like to support the work that Gospellife is doing in Uganda please visit and click “Donate”.

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