Mission Katosi 27-29 March 2015

Greetings Pastor,

Mission was good, I have attached some photos. I couldn't update you immediately while we were in Katosi because there was no network for internet connection. The area has few people so all our meetings, both church and open air were small.

The Church is still young and the challenge is that the congregation keeps changing because they are fishermen who keep moving from one landing site to another. So as the old ones go, new ones come in and later the old ones come back and the cycle continues. It is still a remote and small landing site.

At the moment the Church about 20 adults and over 40 children.

We arrived in Bugula-Katosi on Friday evening. On arrival, we found the Church praying and we joined the prayer meeting which ended at 1:00am and on the following day we had door-to-door evangelism and we covered all the homes in the community. This ended at 2:30 pm and from 4:00pm we had a crusade which ended at 9:30pm.

On Sunday we had a meeting which started at 10:30 because of the heavy rain and ended at 3:00pm. Thereafter, we had a crusade meeting at 4:00pm and ended at 6:45pm. After the crusade we packed and got ready for the journey. By 10:30pm we had arrived in Kampala.

From both the crusade and door-to-door outreach, we had 35 decisions made for The Lord. We had a great time with the church and they showed us much love. Even though the numbers were small, we can confidently say that it was worth it.

Thank you and all the Gospellife Partners for prayers and for the financial support that made this outreach possible.

Blessings, Gospellife Team-Uganda.







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